About Kishor Dadia

• Came to India as a refugee in 1963 from Rangoon. With no money, experience or education, he was set out to work his way for a living in Mumbai.

• In 1964 he started with a business to provide for his family and his dedication made him work through the real life struggles.

• He couldn't be more grateful for his success. But he had more to his life than just excelling at work. He had a purpose.

• Not knowing even two-words of English upto age of 17, on advice of a friend, he started to learn the language English. And now he puts the language English (with other languages) to use by getting the message of human well being out to people.

• He is one person who just wants to make everybody's day. And he achieves so with humor and kind words. Each person's joy is joy to him.

• The spirit-lifting dynamo wrote his first book in 2001 during the Indo-pak summit- 'People's Prayer and Poem for peace.' Followed were 6 books on the subject of 'Sukh and Swabhav' and distributed were 45,000 copies. His books never had any price tag.

Core Belief

• He believes that sole purpose of our life is to help others in finding happiness. The beauty of simple kindness has its astonishing power and positive impact on lives. After all, happiness is a state of emotional and physical well-being. For this he quote ...

• We all being Human, Have Hidden Heart & equally Hidden Hurts.
When we HEAL Hidden Hurts of OTHERS, Our Hearts become HAPPIEST & Healthiest For-E V E R.


Attitude of Gratitude


• Nothing beats his positive attitude and the grace with which he accepts life; for the person he is and has been for all these years, gratitude is more of a trait than a state for him. His inherit ability of having stronger connections and stronger relationships has made him people's favorite.




• Along with spreading the message of well-being through writing, he started campaigns on Eye Donation, Seniority Sharing, Old Age and Stop Tobacco.

• His major focus has been on :

  "Sukh Vs Swabhav" ( Had been to 150+ Social-Groups to talk on this Subject )

  "Sharing of Success" ( Visited 100+ Schools to motivate students for their Success )

  "STOP Tobacco Eating & Smoking" ( Convinced 25+ persons to STOP-Tobacco products )


Sharing to Spread "Sukh Vs Swabhav"


Purpose - "Sharing of Success"


"Stop Tobacco Eating & Smoking"

Just Think & DECIDE …


This ??? Or

This ???




His books got tremendous response and was highly appreciated by recognizable people.




Words to live by


Worshiping 'Words'

Words are not for just writing, but a wonderful way to weld wishes.

Without wasting wealth on weapons or war, we can win the war with worthy words, which, world is waiting to welcome whole-heartedly

With will and wish, let we wake-up, as worthy warriors and win the world with warm words

Kishor Worship the WORDS, For WELL-Being of Whole WORLD

- Kishor Dadia


Life Is Lively Till We Live